I found many, many insances of this issue on various threads, I've
found a fix from another user post which worked for us, wanted to

We have a VB6 legacy app., using the MS DataList control, bound to a
SQL database. Works fine everywhere - except 2 new PC's setup at one
of our clients. These PC's are XP Pro sp1 (same should apply to posts
I've seen on bug showing up on post upgrades for Win2K sp4). You can
bring up a list w/o problem, but clicking on any entry produces:

"Binding Collection Error"
"Field not updatable, Bound Property Name: BoundText, Field Name:

(your detail will vary)

I installed Access 2000, selecting only the Access install, and the
problem went away. Then un-installed Access and it still worked.

Looks like there's a missing file for something, maybe DAO, which the
Access install restored - the clue was the same XP machines which have
been working all along had MS Office XP installed already, thereby
including the missing file.

Hope that helps people out there!
Grant Hickey