Our client is a dynamic community of filmmakers, designers and
animators guided by a legacy of 30 years of animation history. They
are famous for their skills in storytelling and character performance
and produce every type of animation in every medium including
television, film, advertising, internet and branded entertainment.

The successful candidate for this position will provide leadership and
technical direction, and oversee day-to-day operations for the
Rendering Group, which provides distributed image rendering services
for all feature film projects.


Provides leadership and technical direction, and oversees day-to-day
operations for the Rendering Group, which provides distributed image
rendering services for all feature film projects.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

* Ensure the availability of rendering resources
* Supervise render wrangling staff
* Work with the R&D department's TD group to create and implement
rendering solutions and troubleshoot issues.
* Work with IT Infrastructure Support Group to ensure optimal setup
and performance of render farm, networks and storage.
* Work with IT Director to establish group initiatives and priorities
* Work with production teams to construct and implement render
* Draft designs, reports, and proposals as needed
* Serve as technical lead on all group initiatives

Interpersonal Contacts

This position regularly comes into contact; either in person, by
telephone or email, with a wide range of people: vendors, clients,
consultants, independent contractors, and all levels of staff within
the Studio. Communication is a major focus of this position. The
ability to communicate accurately, tactfully and with a sense of
competency is required.

Minimum Qualifications:

* Prior experience in a leadership and/or supervisory role
* Prior experience in CG animated feature film production
* Six years experience designing and operating distributed render
* Six years experience with trending, data collection and ****ysis
* Three years experience administering Pixar RenderMan
* Three years experience in data center operations
* Three years experience scripting in Perl, Python and/or Ruby
* Excellent problem-solving and conceptual skills
* Proven ability to distribute and delegate work assignments
* Excellent oral and written communication skills
* Strong interpersonal skills

Preferred Abilities and Knowledge:

* Experience with Rush Render Queue and/or Alfred
* Experience with SGE, Condor, PBS, Torque and/or LSF
* Experience with RHEL, CentOS and FreeBSD
* Experience with Subversion, RCS and/or CVS
* Experience with OpenNMS, SNMP, Cacti and/or Ganglia
* Experience with high availability architectures
* Experience with automation and configuration management
* Experience with high performance networking
* Solid understanding of high performance network storage
* Solid understanding of TCP/IP and common service protocols

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Contact Information:

Vince Amela

Generator Group, LLC