Instantiations announced and released the new RCP Developer(tm) product
at EclipseCon 2006.

RCP Developer contains GUI construction, GUI testing and packaging
tools that speed up creating Java client applications by harnessing the
power of the Eclipse RCP. It is the first development tool to build on
Eclipse RCP core services for creating Java-based client and
standalone desktop applications.

RCP Developer includes three key component products for creating
RCP applications:

* SWT Designer - automatically generates Java GUI code from a
powerful and intuitive visual designer

* WindowTester - records events and automatically generates
GUI tests based on the JUnit standard

* RCP Packager - quickly automates deployment by generating
a flexible SWT-based installer

RCP Developer is available immediately through either a new
software subscription service or by a traditional software license,
allowing developers to select the approach that best suits their

For more information about RCP Developer:
* whitepaper:
* data sheet:
* evaluation:
* tutorial:

Take it from Mike Milinkovich - "RCP Developer is the first product to
bring comprehensive application construction, GUI testing and
packaging of rich-client applications to Eclipse RCP. We are
delighted that Instantiations is delivering this important technology
to the growing Eclipse ecosystem."

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