I'm happy to announce the new release of the Config::Model [1] perl
module (v0.602) .

This version provide some modifications necessary to provide a
configuration model for Xorg.

I'm still working in this Xorg configuration model. You can view the
first files directly on CVS [2].

Currently, I have:
- a model for InputDevice Files and Modules section of xorg.conf
- a preliminary parser for xorg.conf

You may have noticed that progress is quite slow. I sure could use
some help in providing a working configuration model for Xorg.

Other changes of Config-Model are:
* config-model: added -help and -man options to command line

* Model.pm (load): model file now must return an array ref and not
invoke Model methods. See t/big_model.pm for an example
(load): can load model file for model class that contain '::'. In
this case the model file is searched in a sub-directory just like
a perl class (E.g Model::Foo -> Model/Foo.pm)

* HashId.pm (create_default): can initialise children nodes while
creating default keys. (Necessary to be able to write a
configuration model for Xorg)

* AnyId.pm (move): new method

You can download this package from CPAN [3] or sourceforge [4].


[1] http://config-model.sourceforge.net/
[2] http://config-model.cvs.sourceforge....ig-model/xorg/
[3] http://search.cpan.org/dist/Config-Model/
[4] http://sourceforge.net/project/showf...roup_id=155650

Dominique Dumont
"Delivering successful solutions requires giving people what they
need, not what they want." Kurt Bittner