BackupBuilder is a script driven backup and restore tool for developers.
You can call it from your applications or from the command line in order
to give your customers the possibility to save and restore their datas.
BackupBuilder is multilingual and has a lot of configuration switches so
you can set it up the way you need it. You can define different backup
tasks, the backups can be password protected and you can use several
path, date and time constants in the scripts.
BackupBuilder is freeware and available at www.backupbuilder.com.

New features and enhancements:
- Spanning the backup to multiple removable disks.
- New script entry AutoSendNotification: If this option is set to yes
a notification email is send automatically after the backup is finished.
- New script entries to fill the email automatically:
SendToName, SendToEmail, SendToSubject, SendToMessageFileName
NotifyName, NotifyEmail, NotifySubject, NotifyMessageFileName
- New variables:
{cday} - Name of the day, {dow} - Day of week, {doy} - Day of the year
- Help file updated.

The second beta of the new BackupBuilder script editor is available, too.

Best regards, Timm.

Timm Sodtalbers
Sodtalbers IT