Hi newsgroup,

I use the following code to run a procedure
on a web server through SOAP/COM DLL,
the client is VB6:

Dim loSOAP As New MSSOAPLib30.SoapClient30
Dim lsRet As String

loSOAP.MSSoapInit "http://localhost/WebService/ADRWebS.wsdl"

lsRet = loSOAP.Insert("892", "2")

End Sub

With the Insert() procedure being executed, a DLLHOST.EXE process
is started with my ADRWebS.dll as dependent COM DLL.

It works great, but how do I get rid of the DLLHOST.EXE process
after the client procedure has ended?
The DLLHOST.EXE stays loaded with an open reference to my
ADRWebS.dll. Does the IIS end this process itself after a timeout,
or what must be done to end it?

Thank you for your help